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    Opinion of any operator ,which experienced with trading
    on Euronext,Liffe,LSE,TSE,HKEX,Tiffe,SFE ,IPE would

    Most important are - Pure agents brokers ,order handling,
    execution time , level 2 quote ,order payement flow,commision ,
    intrady margin ,legal &

    Your respectfully milstar
  2. I've watch LSE for a little while, it seems to me that is not very volatile. Also it's quite expensive to do retail. You need to trade in 10,000 + shares per block just to see a profit daytrading since the issues move so little, the most I've seen so far was about 30 cents a day range... and the damn thing was traded in GBX so its .0030 punds range.... way too slow....

    BTW, does anyone know of anymarkets besides NASDAQ, AMEX and Montreal that pay adding liquidity rebates?
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    + options on Vodafone,OOM ,BP

    STM,EAD,ASML,PHG,RDS,Total,Aventis on Euronext

    Can be that alternative in time as USA closed ?

    Exist brokers pure agents ?
    Level 2 quote
    Order routing possibiliy to multiple ECN ?
  4. The only way to daytrade this market is to play earnings otherwise at any given day the costs are always statistically much higher than projected profits.

    And even so the rewards are not enough: many stocks would gap up or down on post-earnings days, then stall and eventually drift away. When you get in at open you are already ~0.3% OTM (praying god you get in at desired price) and if something goes wrong, like a sudden spike on the opposite direction of the gap or a thick, fast red candle forms, you could find yourself with 2-5% losses without even realize what has just happened and with plenty of difficulties when trying to get out.

    can be a good market to swing trade though, volatility can be relatively easy to predict.
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    Thank you for your statements.But you say some about metod of trading . Each metod depend not only from market conditions
    but from regulation and brokers. As non U.K. resident author
    must not pay stump duty . With LFT(LX) possible catch in time 9-14.00,which USA closed, some 40-50 points for 5-8 risk . Margin for LFT/LX/ is 675 pounds. Not each day ,but one time in month .
    Volume of options trading for Vod,OOM,BP,Total,Alcatel ,STM
    is high .
    Questions is broker . IB promouted as agent ,but some source stated IB have market making activities.

    Exist broker pure agent/not principal/ ,which work with
    Euronext,Liffe,LSE ?

    Your respectfully milstar
  6. I have to agree with you, when looking at the LSE as a swing market or long term investment, stocks do have an interesting volatility. they dont look so different from north american stocks on the 3 months chart, if you look at close prices, the only proble is that the damn thing probably opened at the same exact price!
  7. Hy milstar, I don't think that volume is a problem at all at the LSE, as many stocks trade way into the 100M times per day. But rather volatility at an intraday level.

    Perhaps the problem derives from the fact that there aren't many day traders at the exchange, which in han ddisencouragues daytrading by making retail quite expensive, you need to be a whole saler to profit from the scarce variations in price [as you'll need 3 or 4 ticks jut to cover your expenses at retail levels].

    It actually seems a lot more profitable, given the leverage required, to use that money trading the eurodollar futures at the CME [it opens one hour before london]. the cost structure at the CME is way more retail friendly, you could profit out of a single contract, as each contract generates you $10 per tick.

    Do you know if the dax, spanish, hong kong, tokio exchanges present more interesting scenarios for scalping intraday?
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    Dear Sir

    Best margin for DAX 2000 euro/ ,best for
    gmct(ix) -1000 euro .

    But as author stated before , first question for author is
    Did broker scene have any agent or principal only .
    Independent ,how great profit expected.

    Author have 2 complaints with Germany produkts
    FWR2 in Eurexus and DAX derivate with Commerzbank

    Clear author suspected ,that would the case before any cent invested.

    simple participate by contest with real trading platform,real quote ,fiction capital but real money price .

    1. Official eurexus contest with PFG fWR2
    Platform/PFG best from TM/ crashed for more as
    7 business days . Leader /author/ account multiple
    discrimination and two time deletion .Disqualification

    After contest ended ,PFG was sued from TT for Patent
    to DOME .DOME was grounds for platform crash ,as multiple
    pop windows wit hinformation about order partially filling
    have made platform unstable.

    2. This days with Commdirect/Commerzbank .
    False order filling 0.15 ag. 0.06 .Author closed with 0.5 .
    After that Account blocking
    False quote and information dissemination from
    official exchange .

    Germany SEC accepted position of author .

    Germany banking ,stock and related legal system is not
    so developed as USA . Trading would have multiple risk extra.

    From experience with REFCO Xpress 6.2 can say
    that in some ocassion author can catch LFT/LX/ on London
    specific news in time ,which USA closed .

    REFCO gave DOME/5 best bid-ask/ for CME E-mini and Currency FX ,but not for another exchange's,not for NYMEX

    As example author catched multiple profit by training
    with CL,NG,HU & options on "Katrina" ,but all that
    is extra multiple risk for not full quote,order handling,routing,
    execution .

    Broadly offered margin for CME E-mini is 500$ .In this case
    "high volatile DAX" can not compete with 2000 euro and
    demand for eurex terminal for full quote.

    Author demand only some occasion in time as USA closed
    /ES movement and LFT,GMCT,AEX at time 9-14.00 not in each
    case correlated/

    But from author experience Germany must forget .
    Will think some about Euronext-Liffe ,HKEX,SGX ,SFE &

    Attention! All opinions highly possible not suited for another operators from multiple point's of view.
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    Dear sir

    Through author specific education ,author not tested eurodollar and have emphasys with euquity and equity
    related product .

    If ES correlated with LFT/LX/ better open position
    with ES or EN ,depend from situation after event
    anounsement .But it is not in each case correlated.

    Very possible that DAX down, LFT up and ES without great change .
    But author position is ,independ from reward perspective
    eliminate extra risk from account by principal ,not full quote ,
    delay by execution more as 5 seconds ,extra chance for legal
    issue &

    Best wish milstar