Non US listed ETFs ( EUR,HKD,USD and GBP)

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by luisHK, Jan 21, 2011.

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    To avoid the 30% witholding tax on dividends on US listed ETFs I face as a non US investor, I'm considering buying ETFs that still track the US market ( as well as other markets) but which I could buy in countries where there is no such witholding tax. I use all 4 currencies cited in the title so any of those denominations is fine, altough I'd favour at least part of the investment in Euro .

    Hong Kong listed stocks ETFs spring to mind but as I trade mostly through a HK company I face capital gains tax issues if trading there.

    What are the other markets I could look at where there is no witholding tax on dividends, and which ETfs there offer decent liquidity.

    Trading through IB btw, it would be mostly for longer term investing as buying non US stock is fairly expensive.

    Thanks for all input