Non-Trading books that every trader should read

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    Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay is one I can think of, anyone have some other suggestions? Sometimes I need a break from trading books, but would still like to get some educational value in regards to the field while reading something different.
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    The EMG EliteTrader Forums-ebook


    Why do people believe day trading will get them rich quick?

    Gambler vs Trader

    A list of all scam unregulated 3rd party educational vendors

    How to make money day trading the right way

    What is the standard capital requirement to trade in the Emini S&P 500?

    Remember, more than 90% of small traders LOSE!. THEY JUST LOSE!!!! I am 99.9% sure you will lose.



    If you're ready for a real eye opener, then read your bible. If you'll do this with a trading perspective in mind, there are some powerful principles, ideas, and concepts there, that you would have more than likely never thought of before.

    Works for me everytime.

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    Thank you, there are some that I have not read in there, but I was asking about non-trading books. But thanks anyway.
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    I read a book called Trading by the Book by Joe Ross, he agrees with you.
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    More chapters will be coming soon. Be on the lookout. Hopefully, these threads i created and more to come will help reverse the 90% to 80% of small traders lose.
  7. Not sure how far off you want the content to be, but...

    The Quants, Scott Patterson

    More Money than God, Sebastian Malleby

    When Genius Failed, Roger Lowenstein

    ... are great reads.

    For something much more off topic, yet indirectly related, I'm currently reading 'the Smart Swarm.' Peter Miller


    Greetings Again,

    Funny you should mention Joe. He is a good man with a very generous heart, and also a good friend. And, if you'll look on page 7 of his book "Trading the Ross Hook", you will see my name there, last on the list.

    He and I are of the same mind, so to speak.

  9. Atlas Shrugged.
  10. I love the positivity :)
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