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  1. What are the advantages that the prop and institutional firms have over the retail trader besides capital.
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    That is not capital direct

    1. GS,MS,MER lead the market in this direction ,which they will with multiple instruments
    ,propaganda included .

    2. Most of the brokers are not pure agent's of principals ,traded against clients interess
    used information about client tactic and behaviar

    Not reversive as -
    If experienced individual would knew ,what would knew about market maker intent ,he would win mln $ in short time ...

    3. Great funds CEO with 30 bln$ have made only 4% of performance last year,but
    he's payement is 350 mln $ per year .

    90% of funds are not better as S&P

    Buy CEO payement is very good one

    without great risk ...
  3. Look at that SoGen trader, great fun.
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    Better on 300 Senior Partner on GS ,which received 5mln $ per year each from 35 years until 45 years .

    They are not very good asindividual ,as
    propaganda stated .

    They are part of institutional system
    with complex multiple advantage's
    against retail sector .
  5. #1 - Trader collaboration during trading hours and non-trading hours as in more eyes on the markets.

    In comparison, most retail traders tend to only use trader collaboration when trading becomes problematic.

    #2 - Psychologically some traders perform better when they feel like they are part of a team.

    In comparison, retail traders tend to be more independent.

    #3 - Psychologically there's via being employed gives a sense of stability in comparison to most retail traders trading from home.

    Simply, if you are more of a team player and/or needs eye to eye contact with other traders...

    Psychologically it will be more difficult as a retail trader from home.

    Yet, if you are more independent and/or more of an entreprenuer type...

    Retail trader from home or your own office outside of home is empowering.

  6. So the prop trader doesn't have any execution advantages or any particular incite into the market that the retail trader isn't privy too?