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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Toonces, May 16, 2006.

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    When you use software that gives you alerts, do you get the same alerts over and over? For example, let's say I have my software set up so that I see an alert when a stock reaches a new high. As the stock goes higher and higher, will I see the same alert repeatedly? I would prefer to see alerts only once.

    I would assume that part of the answer depends on what software you use. Is there any software that allows you to see an alert only once?
  2. in QuoteTracker, you can specify duplicate alert threshold to be something like 999. That way, once the alert is reached, it will not be triggered again for that many minutes even if the alert condition is met again
  3. What alert software are you using?
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    Right now I'm running StockWatch Pro. I haven't seen alerts repeated yet, but I haven't used it long enough to know yet whether it repeats alerts. BTW so far the software is a joke. It does everything I want it to, but the data is way off, and there are several symbols unavailable for scanning.
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    Consolidate feature will also work to omit repeats if you use TI in conjunction with QT. Which is exactly what I do. Works fine.

    Otherwise you can omit in Insight, and I think RadarScreen but not certain. I can double check.
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    Does Trade-Ideas offer this option? I can't find it anywhere.
  7. Yes it is a simple and powerful filter called the count filter.

    You can specify if you want to see just the first occurance or only after it has had x amount of alerts or something in the middle.
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    Do you have TradeIdeas?

    If you have TI and you are looking for criteria like in your first post, then look no further.

    Simply use the min/max counts as DT suggested. It really is a very powerful filter.

    In your example...

    You can set min count to 1 for a new intraday high/low, or a new 1 day to 365 day high/low etc. You choose the number.


    5,15,30,60m break out from high/lows. Whatever.

    Then set max count to 1. Or maybe 5. Just in case you miss some in a fast market, or at the open. Then it will stop updating upon X occurrence.

    Or you can before hand create a watchlist of stocks and have TI just watch those stocks for criteria you are looking for X number of times.

    It's easy to underestimate TI, because it is icon driven instead of language driven like we use.

    Takes time to get used to. The first time I tried it, I junked it. I couldn't believe the rave reviews it was getting.

    Now, it is an immense help to me.

    Link it with QT. Puts your criteria search in its own portfolio. Click, pull up chart, t&S, info from port field, many other things.
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    Yes I have Trade-Ideas. Thanks for the help!