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  1. Let's just post trades and trade ideas.
  2. yes, i plan on trading YM soon..... and when i do i will post my trades. and we can help each other out with ideas also :)
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    I'm in, moving over from equities to futures. I'll be using IB and Quotetracker as my platform and hope to start by Dec. 1st. I'm not a scalper and will be trading one contract at a time.

    I just hope this thread does not become like the other thread.

    Happy trading :)
  4. Well hey there guys. I originally created this thread 2 months ago really just to make a point about all the flaming going on in a related thread.

    But exchanging fresh ideas with some fresh characters is welcome.

    I'm close to starting live trading myself. I use QuoteTracker for charting and TSim+ ( for order management. I also use the plain charts from IB which aren't that bad.

    I primarily use support/resistance lines and trendlines. I have 2 EMA lines plotted just to tell me what direction to trade in. I trade with the trend.

    My plan is to trade 1 contract initially. When I move to 2 contracts, I'll switch from TSim+ to BracketTrader or ZeroLineTrader. TSim+ has been great for learning daytrading skills but lacks the ability to scale out of trades. BT and ZLT have these capabilities.

    I believe in "all in, scale out" for money management with a trailing stop.
  5. I will most likely be ready by Jan06. I still am not done with research. I do plan on using some priciples i learned from equities trading. It gets old after a while when you can be right on a sector or mkt.... but your stock not wanting to play along. Plus all the news...earnings....rumors....upgrade/downgrades....all cause eratic moves on your stock. I like the YM so far..... cant wait to see how i trade when using real $$$. Hey lets keep this thread fresh and friendly to one another.....and lets not let those meanies on other threads rain on our parade! :D
  6. Just thought that I would post a daily chart.

    I use these to make myself aware that the market may be reacting to a previous pivot point, and to develop a feel for the daily up and down rhythm of the market.

    Happy trading,
  7. interesting chart. but are those pivot areas R1 or are they supply areas you have pointed out. Regardless, a combination of the 2 would be very effective in painting a picture. I do get the sense that the bear express has just pulled into the station.... bears will be boarding soon....
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    Yeah, I agree. I have been trading equities part time for a little over a year now and have been profitable in swing trading. But due to some of the reasons Lilduckling described above, I started daytrading equities. And it's a whole different ball game requiring different skills and mind set than swing trading. But I'd have to admit it's more exciting and fun :D

    I've just gotten comfortable with my system and making good progress when this uninvited guest called, "Hurricane Wilma" arrived at my home town located in South Florida and shook up my world on October 24th. I had to withdraw some of the funds out of my small daytrading account to cover the damages to my house while I wait in line with hundreds of thousands of other home owners.

    I've always wanted to try the e-mini market and now is my chance unitil I get my life back on track. I do not plan on leaving the equities completely though as I believe there are more opportunities and less competition than the e-mini market.

    My system is a simple system based off of ACD system. I am however obsessed with charts and always have the moving averages, MACD and Slow Stochs for eye candy and my entry and exits are mostly based off of the pivots, short term and long term support and resistance lines. I only use candle charts and try to concentrate on a couple of candle stick formations.

    I'll try to post some pics as I start to trade again.

    Happy trading :)
  9. I think you could just get by trading stocks even if you arent a very good chart reader.... just swing with the blows of the earnings...the news...and be on the right side of the upgrades/downgrades....etc....if you are really could at that, you could get by with just knowing chart basics and a few candle formations. BUT YM.....oh thats a diffrent ballgame....its all about the charts....the have to be a master with the technicals, or else. It s all Cramer type buffers to help you out.
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