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  1. hilmy83


    Has anyone invested in non public REITs (fundrise, streitwise, realty mogul, upside avenue, etc.)?

    If you have, which ones do you recommend and your experiences with it? how are the returns/yield results?
  2. mukoh


    hilmy83 I did some research on those a while back and you are in 2nd position behind banks/lien holders. Yields might be good but then the crush in RE could wipe out a significant portion of principal and gains.
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  3. RedSun


    I believe those are like private equity or private placement. You need the expertise to manage those private offerings. Not sure what the legal aspects to them.
  4. hilmy83


    some of these continue to pay dividends during 2008. The multi family sector is probably the most secure. healthcare reit would be close second.

    I'm just interested to have some insulation from broad equity markets
  5. hilmy83


    it's SEC regulated. Nowdays the the law has changed to allow non accredited investors to get in those deals with limited % of your net worth
  6. RedSun


    That is just wrong. Some brokers are solicitating investors to invest in small oil drilling businesses. I always advise my friends not to get into this kind of business....

    Private REIT may be somehow safer because of the registration.
  7. newwurldmn


    i looked at fundrise just now.

    No returns. no explanation on how they invest in properties, what kind of properties they invest in, or what their financing is like.
  8. RedSun


    That is what "non public" is. Sure they have the documents, but not for the public.