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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by LuckMan212, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. hi guys, anyone got any suggestions for a good, solid firm that meets the following requirements:

    * remote trading
    * fasssst execution platform (i'm a microscalper)
    * stable and RELIABLE software
    * ECN rebates for adding liquidity
    * access to all major ECNs (BRUT,ARCA,ISLD,ATTN,INCA)
    * competitive commission structure/ticket charges. currently I am writing between 500-1000 tickets/month but would probably write more if my platform & fee structure was better.
    * mostly concerned with great order entry (hotkeys,etc) but some charting and hotlists (gap up/down/top volume/etc) would be nice

    i'm currently trading retail using Realtick and I kind of think it sucks to tell you the truth... very slow to come out with updates (they STILL don't let you put in 1/10 of a penny orders on ECNs for example 5.042) and the software frequently stalls etc.

    right now Andover, BrightTrading and ECHOtrade seem like decent choices but I am looking for (unbiased) 2nd opinions... thanks! :D

  2. H2O


    Heard some good comments on PointDirex.
    You also might check out any firm that uses HammerTrade software.

    Good luck
  3. checked out Andover and that hammer software is a bit sloppy for me.... (coming from a Realtick platform which is pretty tight --except for the crappy datafeed and poor scalping capabilities)

    anyone else got a suggestion for a good (NON PROP) firm with decent software, good fees (<.01/share), liquidity rebates, and some modest charting capability?

    if not, hell I will start my own!! it'll be a smashing success, apparently there is no one out there doing this............