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Discussion in 'Trading' started by funky, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. funky


    for those of you trading intraday, how many people take off non-news days? i am considering doing just that. seems like the past year that i've been trading, had i not traded days like today, i would have saved both money and time!

    interested on hearing your opinions...thanks
  2. Ebo



    Well said!
    On these trendless days, you wind up forcing trades that just
    make no sense and losing commissions.
    My style is a hybrid of swing trading and scalping. Unless we are at one end of a range, I do not trade anyway. I am more productive after a day away from The Candles!

  3. I don't take the day off, but I cut down to 1 contract, and start the day knowing that I'll abort trades at the at the first sign of price not acting corectly.

    So far I've found that with out some sort of news, my targets will fall short or just barily hit.

    If I really wanted to trade this type of day I could cut down my target by 2 ticks, but my stop loss would have to be the same,which at this point dose not fit in my comfort zone.

    Made two trades this morning, 1 went to target, the other SO at be. i'm pretty much done for the day.