non-mainstream views on ET?

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    I was recently on another finance type forum and realized that most of the people there had some views that were pretty far off the beaten path.

    What I mean is, most people in the industry who have been formally trained will disagree about a lot of things but they have a certain amount of common ground. For example, no one really believes that we should go back to the gold standard. It's just ridiculous. Nobody thinks that every move of the market is the result of a government conspiracy or that big banks or broker-dealers control the Federal Reserve.

    It seems the more people you have who are "self-taught", the more ridiculous the consensus view for that community tends to be.

    It's like learning about something from an infomercial. I've seen very convincing ads for magnetic bands that are supposed to cure everything from arthritis to constipation. If you didn't know any better, there's a good chance you would believe them.

    But that's human nature. If you don't know anything about a subject, you tend to believe the first person who takes the time to teach you. The problem is that for most of these people, it's less like learning and more like imprinting - where an animal believes that it's the same species as whoever is taking care of it. Imprinting can't be unlearned. In the same way, these people persist in their beliefs even in the face of evidence to the contrary. They simply impugne the source of the information or it's accuracy.

    So when you propose a contrary point of view, one which is universally accepted by anyone who has any real understanding, they won't even be able to hear what you're trying to say. You may as well be talking in clicks and grunts. Their response to this is that their sources are more reliable and respected than yours, except this is never the case, it is only their perception that makes it so. There can be a thousand experts that say X, but they will rely on the one legitimate expert who says Y.

    So, since I'm new here, I'd like to know in advance what the whack job ratio is. More specifically, the vocal whack job ratio. How many people believe these bogus theories so strongly that they are going to bust a nut flaming anyone who disagrees with their distorted world view?

    I'm sure that some people will be annoyed and even angered by this. I will be called an elitist or an egghead who may be smart but has no common sense or any understanding of the real world. If that's you, don't waste your time posting. I know that my perceptions might also be flawed and that I may not have as good a grip on things as I think I do. But it's not an issue of absolutes. It's an issue of probabilities. I'm betting on the people who are the hands down majority of respected professionals and academics, not on the fringe personalities who happen to be right some of the time.

    Also, I'm not going to waste my time justifying my attitude. If it turns out that I'm wrong, that's my problem not yours. If I thought you had my best interests at heart, I might be more accomodating, but that is never the case. These people reinforce their own beliefs by trying to convert others. Any attempt to validate their point is not motivated by altruism.

    Thanks in advance.

    I'll think about putting up a poll if it seems it would be useful.
  2. Welcome to the ball. In this rabbit hole you'll find Mad Hatters, Cheshire Cats, Tweedle Dees and Tweedle Dums, Queens of Hearts, Dormice and no shortage of opinions from every corner of the spectrum. As for a ratio of wackos to the sane, its like trying find the bedrock in the global warming debate for which there was a vigorous exchange that went on for something like 500 posts or more over in Politics and Religion. For me the most respectable calling card you showed was the use of the word altruism in your post. Good luck, and sometimes ...wear a cup.
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    Thanks for the reply - and advice. I usually don full body armor. It's usually only a problem when you're facing a lynch mob.
  4. Say anything you want, but don't talk bad about my country.

  5. Indeed:

    .... the markets are computer game put up by the FED

    .... the world will focus on "real" stuff instead of inflated, in due time, not yet

    .... there are still plenty of skeletons in the closet left to let out, one at a time. Mainstreet has so far accepted the ones let out. When will they get totally "FED" up? not yet but soon

    .... Gold standard, the Chinease figured that one out some 6 months ago

    Great post, I'd love to see more of that.
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    How many of those professionals were able to see the storm coming? Do they trade or do they paper push but claim they are more? Other peoples' money or their own?
  7. Eight


    I don't believe any of the following mainstream beliefs:

    --You need a lot of capital to succeed at trading.

    --You can't make multiples of the daily range trading futs.

    --You will have losing days.

    --Kelly sizing doesn't apply to trading.

    --You need strict money management.

    --It's not about the system it's about the psychology of the guy running it.

    --People with high post count know what they are doing.

    --Trading is hard.

    --Trading is stressful.

    --Nobody would share a good system.

    --Short term trading cannot be done.

    --Trading cannot beat buy and hold.

    Those are the ones related to trading, beyond that there is:

    --Government is here to help us.

    --There is no God.

    --There is a God but there isn't a devil.

    --Intellectuals will lead the way to happiness for all of mankind and scientists are never wrong for long...

    --UFO's are real

    --Democrats are for freedom

    --Homosexuals aren't perverts and should be accepted

    --Two planes can bring down three buildings [gotcha]

    --The FED is here to help us

    --The food supply in the US is ok if you avoid fast food

    --Vitamins and supplements don't do anything

    --All people that can't pay their credit cards are deadbeat losers and deserve hell...

    --Deserving people will make more trading than undeserving ones

    --Muslims are good guys and the Israelis and Christians are persecuting them

    There probably are more but I can't think of them right now...
  8. of course no one in real trading cares about those pety issues, they're rich as fuck u dumb whit! Does the chinese slave driver believe in their employee's wage rights? FUCK NO the slave driver is the big swinging dick and could a flying fuck about anything but how much they're making.
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    You are a walking example of a text book fringe lunatic (doubly so, because undoubtly you must be the apollo landing is a hoax).

  10. Great post, xenix...

    I don't personally have any clue what the ratio is. On the other hand, I don't see a problem with the crazy ones, either. After all, I am here for a mix of a) entertainment value, which the crazy ones offer in spades; b) an occasional worthwhile discussion with someone who actually has a brain.

    All in all, it all somehow works out in the end and you will obtain what you seek.
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