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    Could anyone please suggest a trademark that produces non-leather shoes? As being a vegetarian I'd like to refrain from wearing leather in any way.


    i think they may have some leather model shoes, so maybe this is a no-go for you...
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    Thanks James,good alternative!Thanks to the others as well!
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    You do not have to eat your shoes. Being vegetarian has nothing to do with shoes. Choosing to not wear leather might have more to do with being kind to animals.
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    No,you don't.But from an ethical point of view it is better to avoid wearing leather if you follow certain tradition.You can't be half of a Christian or half a Muslim(although most are,unknown to themselves),can you?If you follow something you must obey the principles.Or you cam be a half of cristian,your choice.
  8. Here in nc where I live, christian equals 4wd pickup truck with hunting rifle mounted in back window. Maybe you'ed be more at home with hinduism.
  9. go with hemp shoes.

    my personal take on this: c/mon leather shoes are just fine even for vegans.
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    Oh...So true!Not only in nc but throughout the world,I suppose.Cristian-Demonic-4wd-Dark people.Cristianism has always been the demonic religion.But you are blind and dark and don't want to see this.
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