Non-institutional stock holders

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    I am curious who are the non-institutions (and non-funds) holding stocks. For example, I find it hard to believe that 38% of INTC is owned by individual investors (62% is held by funds):
  2. can you elaborate more on this question? i don't see why there is disbelief that "individuals" can hold stocks.
  3. Employees, ex-employees, all of which hold less than 5% and aren't required to report. Mom and Pop tech investors.
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    I guess I asked the question for a couple reasons. First, I thought no one buys stocks directly anymore since it's easier to diversify thru ETFs and mutual funds. But it looks like one third (or so) of many largecap shares held by individual investors. For Walmart, it's more than two thirds:
    (only 31% is held by funds).
    Still it's surprising that for example, almost half of BAC shares are held by individuals:
    (or maybe it's the government holding those shares :)

    My second question is: what does it say about a stock that a large/small % of shares are held by individual investors? I imagine most people want to own high quality dividend stocks. But then plenty of people seems to be sticking with RIMM, for example:

    Maybe this data is not very accurate.