NON-INDICATOR (indicator-less) Trading

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  1. Here is the indicator-less trading system.
    2m ES
    No indicators.
    Swing highs and swing lows.
    Buy when higher high and higher low
    Sell when lower low and lower high
    50-MA blueline for pullbacks; most swing hi and lows should be above or below this line.

    <img src= width=800>
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    Aren't the channel and moving average indicators? I think indicator less would be just bars, candles or line charts.
  3. That's not a channel

    These are lines connecting the swing hi's and swing lo's

    You can remove the MA if you wish to be rigid and absolute about it. I want an IT or lT MA line so that I can quickly grasp where the market is in relation to price before etc etc etc

    Trade the swing hi.low bands - look for prices to penetrate the lo or hi band and hi hi and lo lo.

  4. See this post:
  5. All very simple, as indeed things should be.

    What is the outcome over say a year or two.

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    you need a trendy market....:D
  7. Bands are technical indicators. Ever heard of Bollinger?
  8. Really don't know much about Bollinger because I always suspected it is another indicator derived from price, isn't it?

    The bands in the chart are basic lines connecting high and low prices. If you don't need them then you can work with swing hi and swing lo prices. I still think the lines connecting these points are useful.
  9. No you don't, you need to operate on the correct fractal.
  10. Of course the lines are "useful." They are just indicators derived from price. Many indicators are based on price. Calling these non-indicators is untrue.
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