Non Farm Was Negative - They Added Another 215k

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  1. Pretty much, yeah.
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    Frightening. That translates to real, negative job growth in every sector.

    Government add was ~411K. Birth/Death add was 215K. That's 626K jobs.

    The number came in at 431K. That means the real economy lost 195K jobs (626 - 431). Unbelievable.
  3. achilles28


    April's a wash:

    290K official add.

    66K for census.

    Birth/death 188K.

    Real Job Gain = 36K (290 - 66 - 188).
  4. Birth/death only? How about immigrants and foreign workers - legal and otherwise ??
  5. If you actually bother to scroll to the bottom, you see that total month/month change for the month, not seasonally adjusted (none of these numbers are on this page) was 1090. So, 1090-215 = 865. Even taking out the census workers, that's a net add of around 400k, before the seasonal adjustment kicks in.
    Yep, we're well & truly f*cked: none of you can either read or add & subtract.
    What a pathetic bunch.
  6. good catch.