Non-Farm Payroll Number

Discussion in 'Economics' started by CaptainObvious, Dec 7, 2006.

What will the number be?

  1. Under 100K

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  2. Right at the estimate of 105K

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  3. Over the estimate

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  4. Way over the estimate

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  1. I say it comes in under 100K
  2. Really doesn't matter does it? As it will be revised the following month by up to 75% either way. This number should be held back 1 month so they can provide accurate data.
  3. Manolis


    I expect it to be up 150K.
  4. My forecasting skills are right on the money as usual.:confused: One thing does remain constant....good-bye to jobs that pay well, and hello to jobs that pay for shit. It'll be a tad difficult to keep paying the monthly note on your 300K home when the tools for your new job consist of a mop and a broom.
    The blue collar work force continues to die the death of a thousand cuts. Kinda' like being nibbled to death by a duck.
  5. S2007S


    number was perfect. the revisions were perfect. 55k worth of revisions, what a joke. I dont know why this number is so important when the numbers get revised anyway months later.

    only thing, A LOSS OF 29,000 JOBS in construction. hmmmmm. I thought housing was bouncing back....:p

  6. Hahaha,housing bouncing back,,,yeah right.
    More like a ripple on a pond the effect of housing will ripple through the economy...lots more to go imho.:eek:
  7. S2007S


    plenty more to go. Housing is not bouncing back, 29,000 loss in construction jobs is showing it. Housing will probably bounce back sometime after 2009.
  8. We certainly agree on the housing direction. The ripple effect (consumer spending,biz spending etc..) is a lagging deal which takes about 2 quarters to show up. 2007 will be very intersting. Fed either creates liquidity and makes bigger bubbles or he errs on a rate rise and all hell breaks loose and of course do nothing Ben and all hell breaks loose only at a slower pace.

    Get cranking that money press Ben and pray the rest of the world accepts your valueless :D