non farm payroll -- -533k vs-335

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  1. biggest drop in non-farm payroll since 1974..this is bad. the number was 200k worse than expected.
  2. That's good news. Should put a damper on those rampant inflation expectations :cool:
  3. did you hold on to your short from yesterday?
  4. Where are all the jackasses that were saying the government is fudging the numbers? So I have to guess this -500k is really -800k?

  5. EVERYONE KNOWS I KEEP IT REAL. I CLOSED MY POSITIONS AT THE CLOSE. had to do it,its the discipline. i am looking at DV on any weakness related to these numbers,i think DV will bust out of its base.
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    And 150$ oil translated to a meager 2% inflation.

    Good thinking, Makey!

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    Btw, I wouldn't parade yourself around here all smug with your Market calls.

    Seems you were ET's biggest Perma-Bull right before the Market went off a cliff.

    I'm sure everyone remembers this little gem: ZERO RISK in the SP500.

    Now Thats funny!! :D
  8. I see you have no opinion. So what if someone has an opinion about goverment numbers.

    Do you feel better when you come here to rant, because thats all you do.
  9. Don't worry, stock_trad3r will be here soon to tell us this is no big deal. Its all mental.

  10. FOR ALL MY FRIENDS, these guys are not talking about me. i started the post but was never a bull. i don't play the bull/bear game. i roll with the punches.
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