Non-execution of automated signals

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by irniger, May 26, 2010.

  1. irniger


    I have discovered that sometimes trading signals from diverse providers like Strategy Runner or Zulutrade and others are not executed in live and/or demo accounts. This can lead to losses - and has indeed done so in my accounts and in those of trading buddies.

    What can we do? Any experiences? Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Felix
  2. edbar



    If you have direct experience with trades not getting executed, then you should contact the broker(s) directly to find out why?

    It is possible that there is some setting that is preventing some trades. You should be very specific about circumstances surrounding the trade that did not occur. Many times there is a logical reason.

  3. irniger



    Thanks for your concern. I did investigate many trades and there was always either a technical reason or a time lag or other issues. But in most cases (>80%), the end effect was a loss in my account.

    Eod closing signals of automated newsletter futures trading is the worst. These signals often come in too late - after the markets close - and the position stays overnight and is sometimes stuck for days, if nobody checks the account regularly.

    I have suggested to providers to automatically run checks on whether their signals have been executed, but none has yet reacted or done so.

    What's the use of having trading signals automatically placed in your account, if one has to watch the trades anyhow.