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  1. Does anyone know if there are prop houses out there that don't just focus on daytrading. I'm fully aware that leaving positions on the table overnight can be risky. That being said, my best trades are short-term swing trades, from days to weeks. I never like to have a down day. But if somethings going to go up for days, why pay the extra commissions and risk missing positive overnight bounces. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    Who told you you can't do that at a prop firm? Most firms are just trade facilitators who provide leverage and software. There's lots of them that will let you hold overnight positions.
  3. Most prop firms I've researched bill themselves as day trading firms. Do you have any specific firms' names?
  4. Any firm will do that. You might need to put down 25k for 100k buying power overnight. Your not really making any sense. Are you trying to find a firm to let you do 200k overnight with 3k in your account?
  5. I never used dollar figures, I just want to be able to hold onto a winning trade as long as I see it's a winner. I would use whatever structure is in place as far as how much of the firm's capital I can trade with my initial investment.
  6. Ok but the world uses dollar figures. I could call up any firm and get four to one overnight. Lets make this simple how much capital do you have to put down? What’s the average value of your lot size?
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    Almost every firm will let you hold overnight positions, for a cost. I'm not sure what you are asking either. Can you be a little more specific?
  8. That's all I was looking for. I was under the impression that the majority of prop firms made you liquidate your positions at the end of the day to reduce the risk from holding positions overnight. I just wanted to know if there were firms anyone knew about who focused more on swing trading then daytrading.
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    Have you actually called any of these firms to ask them? How do you know what they do if you don't call them?
  10. I'm currently in school full time so I can't work at a firm yet. I was just asking a question I'd been wondering about for a while because I figured on a forum for traders someone would have an answer. I was looking for a quick answer and wasn't aware that people go through the posts trying to make others look unintelligent.
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