Non 25k Trading Help????

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  1. Nooooooooooooo!!!! Not this

    DO NOT EVER SAY IT HAS GONE TOO LOW. There are so many factors that can happen you might soon find your stocks being delisted if things go wrong. Maybe another WCOM or Enron could happen.

    Always say what if?

    and in your case what if the market drops another 50% in the next 2 years....

    You have one other option you didn't mention though.

    I'm updating this article right now as there have been some changes, from the pattern daytrader rule to SuperSoes, to the contact info of some of the firms at the end--some are no longer around and others have sprouted.

    I'm no longer with ECHO too and really need to change that.

    but just about all of the pro firms have minimums less than $25,000.

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  2. i have heard stories of bright trading letting traders trade with less then the 25,000.... ask don maybe something can be worked out but they wont touch the otc market with a 200mile pole. nyse only..and you can trade remote.
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