Non 25k Trading Help????

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  1. Hey everyone.

    So i have decided to open an account with IB starting next month after i get all my college Courses set!

    Im going to open an account with IB of $5000. Im just opening it to get my feet wet before i start to day trade (25k) But i need to make a little more money from my 2 jobs!. Im kinda stuck between 2 options right now, here they are

    Number 1---With my only 3 trades Per week with only a 5k account should i Go long on a couple stock, like lets say BRCM is SO LOW right not, like last month it was going up to 21.00 a share, now its at 10.00. It dropped so much. SO i was thinking going long on that stock and wait for it to go back up to 20.00 or whatever. DOes that sound good? and the same with other Stocks!

    Number 2---Just make 3 good Day Trades and just wait untill next week to start trading again because i would of run out of trades that week because of the 5k only 3 trades a week deal?

    Im liking Number 1. Because i have been watching BRCM and BRCD for a while now, and they have been basically at 18.00 to 20.00$ a share, and now they both are hitting the 10.00$ a share line. So if i lets say bought 200 shares of BRCM right now and waited till it went back up to 18.00 to 20.00$ a share i would do pretty good. Might take a while but still. What do you all think?

    Thank you for your time everyone!!!!!
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    I have some options for you. My group works with a private souse of capital to overcome that 25K regulation. Contact me and I will see if we can work with you. I also have a capital backer that will sponsor traders with experience.

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    Bad typing....That would be source not souce.... Don't judge my trading by my typing. Thanks I use hot keys.
  4. And what if BRCM goes to 5???
  5. You have a third option, trade futures. Have a look at the NQ, ES, and YM. No trading limits and you can short just as easily as long. More capital leverage, more risk, more profit potential. On top of that, once single stock futures come out, you can trade those too.

    There is a tax benefit for mark to market accounting that is used in futures, basically gains are 60% taxed like longterm gains, and 40% taxed at your current income tax rate

    Head on over to and for more info.
  6. oh yeah, go for it dude! that sounds like a brilliant plan. :(

    3 possibilities for Kastro's moronic questions:

    1) he is playing games with us

    2) he has been asking some decent questions (for a 17 y/old), but not really reflecting on and/or understanding the answers (i'm not just ripping him for this one post, he has history of this)

    3) he is a mental defective

    Kastro, i'm gonna suggest again for the upteenth time that you RESEARCH THIS SITE, because there is fuckin TOP QUALITY info on it, that answers just about all your questions (others have been in the same boat as you), and that, thus far, you do not appear to have made any kind of use of.

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    Swing trade ..

    how experienced are you with trading ?
  8. kastro,

    no question, trade the emini index contracts. you can start with about 5k and the leverage is nice.

    hope it works for you,

  9. kastro,

    be certain to try the emini simulator before you risk real $. has a decent one.


  10. look. Your best bet is to learn a lot more before you even think about putting in an order !!!

    I'm not trying to be a dick. I'm being straight up. Why do you want to buy? What is your general view of the markets right now?

    I work 14-16 hour days, 7 days a week. I live breathe, eat and sleep the markets.

    If you have to come onto this site and ask people for suggestions reguarding your investment decisions, then you still have a lot to learn.

    Make decisions yourself, with conviction !!!
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