Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. Stop polluting ET with your negativity!!!


    Stop polluting ET with your Pro-Terrorist Anti-American hate mongering.
  3. Stop polluting ET with your extreme right-wing neo-conservative drivel...
  4. Turok


    Well, now that we have our environment of tolerance established...

  5. deeznutz


    candletrader- I thought you said you were leaving ET for one year- now get lost, dildo.
  6. Only 18 posts to date and you try and communicate with me!!

    Huh, you are nothing on ET, ya hear me... nothing... now get lost, looser...
  7. deeznutz


    wow, you've got a lot of posts- you are SO cool. Actually, its spelled loser and its YOU. Those captions under your geeky pictures are just TOO funny. We don't laugh with you, we laugh at you:

    *You have to wait for his 15 second intro to his website, which is his dorky name in flames, lol. Which, of course, means he likes to grab his ankles!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

    and I have 20 posts now Fool. Watch out.