Nominations are now being accepted for the 20 Rising Stars in Securitization!

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  1. The 20 Rising Stars in Securitization will introduce a select group of upcoming industry executives
    whose skills, innovation and intelligence are most likely to impact the ABS, MBS, CMBS and
    CDO markets in the years ahead.
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    Nominees will be culled from several critical sectors of the industry: dealmakers—
    including the men and women behind the deals—structurers and traders; legal and accounting
    execs specializing in innovative structures and developing best practices for meeting regulatory
    requirements; fund managers and investors in ABS, MBS and CDOs; and analysts, trustees and
    vendors critical to the success of the deals.

    Nominees are vetted according to the following criteria:
    • they are 40 years old or younger;
    • show a consistent history in the industry;
    • participate on a broader scale such as speaking at conferences, teaching classes on the
    subject, holding office within industry trade groups, or working with government or
    lawmakers impacting the industry;
    • have been published.

    20 Rising Stars in Securitization is the latest in a series of popular supplements from II News
    profiling talented young professionals from a variety of business lines on Wall Street.

    Additionally, the 20 Rising Stars in Securitization will be honored along with nominees and
    winners of Total Securitization’s 4th Annual U.S. Securitization Awards at the dinner and
    ceremony on Thursday evening, April 17th, at the Ritz-Carlton Battery Park in New York City.

    Why not nominate former stars Stanley O´Neal and Charles O. Prince ???:confused: :confused: :confused:
  2. Suss----Is it okay to nominate emerging AND submerging stars?
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    Could they move the event up to the 1st of the month????

    And does the Ritz have balconies????