Nominate the top threads and posters of ET

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by The Kin2, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. With the lection fever hitting the country. Why not have our own little nomination and election process here at ET. What I want you to do is post your favriote ET thread and post here, and later we'll create another thread to vote on the best one.

    Too many laughs have been allowed to fade into ET history. Anyone remember Skalpz? How about HANDSOME?? :D :p

    I'll do the first nomination.

    Don't B Stupid when it come to AAPL by Handsome

    My second nomination:

    Urgent Message From Rennick by William Rennick

    <center>:D </center>
  2. Aww man... I remember this one dude when I first joined this site that must have worked for the sec or something. He had a 100% track record on whether to long or short a stock the day before earnings. He made a dozen calls over the course of two weeks. 100% accuracy. He eventually left the site because many other forumers where getting hostile.

    What was that dude's name??