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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Striker, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. Striker


    I've been on ET for about a year and from reading posts about once a month, I've realized that there are alot of people on here that are just here to waste time or troll.

    In any case, I'm trying to compile a list of the REAL traders or at least members you respect and think are REAL traders, another words, they're not just paper trading and they actually know what they're doing.

    If you want to nominate someone, post their name here, I'll go through their archives and see if they are the real deal. Please DON'T nominate yourself. Also if you nominate someone who doesn't deserve it, that won't really benefit anyone so only post names of guys you respect as the REAL DEAL.

    I'm sure the cream will rise to the top.
  2. dozu888


    if 'real' meaning someone who has a brokerage account and had traded a few shares - I guess maybe 98% of this forum.

    if 'real' meaning someone trades for a living consistently over several years with true understanding of the market, then maybe 2%.

    I don't have stats to back up these numbers.. but these are very educated guesses based on the kind of stuff being discussed on the site, because only 2% of the posts are for real.
  3. My opinion from reading ET and try to learn,
    Landis82, Pa(b)st Prime, NoDoji, Cutten, Atticus, nitro, Daal, AMT,
  4. I wish to nominate Spectra, he is the REAL McCoy!

  5. ... looks around ...
  6. niteowl8


    I'll add Robert Weinstein and noone and Red Ink (although I haven't seen Red Ink post in a while)

    Don't forget saliva and LawrenceChan in the ES forums
  7. Ok. :) Probably many smart people, but I do not know enough to see that yet. So I pick people who I can understand better what they write.
  8. Fearless9, Trader28, Thunderdog, Trader666, OldTrader, Oddtrader, Mandelbrotset. Apologies to them all for the embarrassing fact that I admire them.
  9. Dr. Zhivodka......
  10. ElCubano


    there are only 2 people on this list that trade and make money; one of them being an older gentlemen....
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