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  1. NOK, looking very ugly.

    Gapping down, creating an big old island, which happens to be a head and shoulders formation too....
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  2. I bought the fear pre mkt at 17.73...left powder dry for more bids every .25 down to 16.00

    good luck
  3. Good luck with your trades!

    I did one 20 cent scalp (before commish), will stand aside for a while. I have seen NOK do this in the past, and typically there are several days of selling before it begins its bounce/crawl back.

    I will enter NOK to hold for a swing after more pain.


  4. Good luck to you also.

    Normally I wait untill the pain subsides also...but liked where it was trading pre-mkt on the weekly chart.

  5. Thank you. I wish this would be posted a couple of days earlier. I just missed this classic HS play. Shoot.

  6. Hey NoMoreOptions...check out the Oct17.5 calls....a bargain here if you ask me
  7. still in..avg price so far is 17.37. Will stop out if it closes < 16.80 EOW. Looking for a 18.85 tgt

    ARogueTrader was spot on in waiting for the pain to bad I am always early to the party. :D
  8. I bought in today around 17.15 for initial position. Will add from here.

  9. T-REX


    picked up on this short days before the BIG ONE hit.:D
  10. Haven`t seen that Star Trek movie yet. :)
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