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  1. what you guys think? has a chance to ever make a comeback?

    unlike rimm, i actually think the company is going in the right direction with windows os - which isnt all that bad, and also aggressively pricing the new lumia 900. But damn that's a sad looking chart and they are still bleeding cash. Just hit another all time low at $4.25 with a 15% drop due to earning news.

    time to load up some in ira?
  2. I wouldn't touch it. I actually sell cell phones part-time for the benefits and trade stocks and commodities. The Windows OS sucks. It is the worst system out there. Nokia phones were having major program issues with their new phones. Hope this helps.
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    Not to mention that if MSFT ever buys RIMM (a real possibility), NOK will be an orphan.
  4. They're paying a dividend while losing money? :eek:
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  6. I've thought about the same play on NOK but the sentiment in the news seems to be that this company is doomed ...
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    I think we might be in agreement - I was not advocating a purchase of NOK bonds.

    I am keeping my eye on NOK and considering a short position in the stock. No positions yet.
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    Divi needs to be cut before any long equity position is to be established, IMO. Bonds would probably offer better R:R if the company goes the dilution zombie route.
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    In addition to its 2019 bond, Nokia also has a 2014 bond.

    The 2014 bond size is 1.25 billion EUR and matures on 2 April 2014.

    The ISIN is XS0411735300

    From memory of my look at SEC filings many hours ago, this bond was issued in 2009.

    Can't find a yield for that bond but the price decline since April is obvious on the chart at the above boerse-berlin link.
  10. I am thinking about shorting as well. I picked up a lumina 9000 (sp?) the other day and think the product seems solid, but the issues with win 8 updates and the general difficulty of gaining market share against Apple and Google will end NOK, I suspect.
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