NOK to buy RIMM?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by atticus, May 25, 2007.

  1. The chatter is getting louder. Option vol has rallied from 30% to 38% in the past week.
  2. Where did you hear that one? That's a story I could actually see moving Wall St....this coke buying flavored water companies doesn't really tickle my balls.
  3. Mvic


    If they do for the current price or a premium short the heck out of Nokia. All these deal that are getting doen, the shareholders and bond holders must have blinders on. Its great for the execs who collect fat bonuses and the IB who collect fat fees but the piper will be paid eventually and it will be the shareholders and bond holdrs taking it on the chin. Reminds me of Lucent where the CEO was raking in huge bonuses while running the company in to the shitter. If it had happened now someone who have probably bought LU for $100 a share!
  4. It's the talk on all the equity desks.
  5. FBW


    From a product standpoint, I think it would be an interesting deal. Nokia (e90) is a better phone than any BB and RIMM has the business community locked down with their services.

    Now if only imagination was a tradeable commodity and the deal was a quadfecta, I would be excited; through ultra computer maker OQO and Digital Reality in the mix to create a power house.
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    But this doesn’t need to happen because most Nokia business phones work on the RIMM service. Nokia is already with symbian. Motorola already funds OQO. :(
  7. I hope you're right... I purchase a KO no touch through JPM stuck at 172, shortly before the close of trading. I bought half my static deltas in shares at 166, but I'm wide-open on this one. I'd intended on buying a lookback-call, but figured I'd wait until Tuesday.

    I get a call from my rep after NY close. Why did you sell deltas in RIMM when they're going to get taken-out?!

    Dumbstruck. I hadn't heard a thing, but apparently I'm the only one.
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    Good luck with your adventure. I hold no position in either. I am a huge fan of RIMM’s exclusive service and Nokia’s e90.