Noisy power supply fan

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  1. Can a power supply fan be lubricated? If so, what is the best way?

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    I think they are sealed units.
  3. clean it.
  4. I had that problem. I got a can of air and blew the computer out good. I think that it helped some. Finally, a few weeks ago it failed and I had it replaced.
  5. I would replace it immediately. Noise is a warning sign that one day it is going to quit on you and expensive to repair damage may result due to overheating. It ain't worth the few bucks it costs to replace it. If the fan is built in into the power supply, your problem is even more critical.

  6. Thanks for the quick responses.

    It looks like the fan is pretty well integrated with the power supply itself. I think that if I can't "fix" it, I will have to replace the power supply, not just the fan.

    Does this sound correct to you also?

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  7. Banker,

    I did the following:

    I opened my power supply, although this is absolutely not recommended.
    I removed the old fan, replaced it with a new ultra silent one.
    To power it, I moved a HDD power connector inside the power supply.

    Not the finest tech, but VERY silent and cheap.
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  9. mine was in the power supply as well.
  10. Hmmm.... Judging by the replies I think I should get a new power supply. No sense risking a meltdown.

    I have a Dell Dimension 4400. I need enough juice to power my Radeon 9500 Pro video card too.

    Is that a easy part to find?

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