Noisy Dell Dimension 4100

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by listedguru, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. I have a Dell Dimension with a pentium III processor (800 Mhz). It's about to turn 3 years old. Anyway it's loud! Actually it's been loud since the day I got it but I guess I just tried to never really let it bother me. Recently I had the chance to play with a new Dell pentium IV (8100 series I think) and it is almost as quiet as a mouse....

    Will changing the fan in mine make it quieter? Also I think it may have two fans (one for the CPU and a case fan). Which fan is normally the loudest. I think it's the case fan but I don't know that for sure....

    Anyone have any insight into it? Also it looks like they have a 60MM and an 80MM fan. Anyone know which one I need???

    Any help would be great,

  2. I have had a 3 year old ( actually 3.25 ) old Pentium III - 750 XPS
    which I believe is very similar to yours. I never really thought that it was very loud, so you might try changing your fan to a new one.

    Although there are 2 fans in your PC, there is no "case" fan.
    Only a fan for the CPU, and a fan that is built into the power supply unit. Check out the following weblink for a good replacement fan:

    I just recently bought a Dell Dimension 8300, P-4 at 2.60 and it is SUPER quiet as well, that is until I added a PCI slot graphics card to run a third monitor ( 64 mb Mad Dog Nvidia Mx-440 ) and it comes with a fan on the card to cool down the chipset. My 8300 is whisper quiet no more, cause that fan on the chipset is LOUD!

    :) :)
  3. Thank you for the reply Waggie. So is installing a new fan a pretty simple task? Anything I should watch out for?

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    after 3 years, there's probably a good amount of dust gunk on those fans. You'll need to dust it off cloth and canister blower. Try that first before replacing fans.

    A good source for quiet/quieting parts, but not cheap:
  5. your power supply fan may be the cause. I actually use specially made quiet power supplies. also your cpu heatsink may be loud, try Zalman fans.
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    I just happen to have a dell 4100 also and when I got it it was pretty quiet. Lately it was getting rather noisy also. I was going to add some memory to it so I opened it up and vacuumed it out. Well there are only 2 memory slots and I thought there were 3 so no memory upgrade. Since I put the cover back on and after the dust was vacuumed off it seems to be running a lot quieter.

    try to keep the vacuum far away from the computer when doing this.