Noise Pollution

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    do you find your computers are noisy?

    I have 3 fans all together in my boxs, they give a low level background noisy. I did not notice it at first, but is starting to bother my ears now.

    how do you keep your noise down?
  2. Do you mean 3 fans in one case, or one fan in 3 different cases ?

    Two simples solutions...

    Replace the fans with a good quality ' silent' fan, like SilenX brand. If you have only one fan per case, You need to make sure you maintain adequate airflow through the case though; so check with the manufacturer of your existing fans make sure the replacement silent fans have the same CFM rating. We almost always replace stock case fans from our systems with these. You can get them on-line for under $20, depending on the size. And stay away from $5.00 fans and fans with bushings versus 2-3 bearing or ever-lube; they will wear fast and start making whining noises in no time….

    Second option is install speed controls that will allow you to slow the fans down a bit, this often helps considerably; but you need to make sure keep an eye on the temps; slow it down too much and you may start having problems with the internal components etc. make sure the motherboard temps stay in the low 40’s….(or within manufacturers specifications) these are also inexpensive, 6 or 7 bucks at newegg of other on-line component store.

    Have fun !!
  3. Major sources of noise pollution...

    1. CPU fan
    2. Graphics card fan
    3. Power supply (fan)
    4. High speed hard drives (10,000+ RPM)

    Use fanless graphics card(s), and 7200 RPM hard drive. Then get "low noise" versions of the others.
  4. Put your PC physically outside the room where you work, and ideally "around a corner", and keep the door shut. Use wireless keyboard/mouse, extension monitor cables, and long ethernet cables to connect the PC to monitors and devices inside the room if necessary.
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  6. oh oh lol

    I seem to be very sensitive to the high pitched noise coming off my hard drives lately. I'm thinking SSD would solve the problem.
  7. I wish the fans of my computers were loud enough to drown out the ringing in my ears.
    I like trance music at low volume for trading.