NoDoji managing OPM?

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    False rumor most likely. What forum was it?
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    She lost me at "easy twading".
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    No, institutions prefer investing in single moms with several rugrats from different fathers running around.

    Realistically, the only chance a lone wolf trader on ET would be managing big money would be to achieve high returns, have some degree of fame, and for investors to continue to believe in his ability to continue to deliver alpha. Example would be Marty Schwartz winning the US Investing Championship back in 1984.

    Another example would be starting a newsletter that achieved high consistent returns (Marty Zweig), then branching into money management.

    A third possibility would be to have an expertise investing in a particular niche that you achieve good returns, and later institutions decide they want to allocate into your niche (such as early days of managed futures, eg: John Henry).
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