NoDoji managing OPM?

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  1. Got a message from the other trading forum that NoDoji has gone into the big league now and is now managing OPM, institutional-size?

    Any truth to those rumours?

    I am sure she's still doing extremely well in Crude Oil.
  2. Managing OPM, the ultimate goal (and dream) of every successful trader! :)
  3. Dunno if it's true.

    Rumor only.

    She has distilled all trading wisdom to the TrendLine Breakout Pullback.
  4. Well if it's true then a new challenge awaits her, because trading alone and making money consistently is one thing, but trading OPM that's quite another story, because of the added psychological pressure:

    Angry customer #1:
    "Hey, how come we made only 2% last month???" :mad:

    Angry customer #2:
    "Hey, wait a minute, that last trade you made was a big mistake, the risk was too big for my taste" :mad:

    Angry customer #3:
    "When are we going to make money again, I cannot stand this drawdown any longer?" :mad:

    Rest of the customers:
    "Bla bla bla and bla bla bla...." :mad:
  5. Maverick74


    I think they were pulling your leg.
  6. dealmaker


    I'd be surprised, institutional investors want pedigree, scalable methodology, audited returns etc...
  7. Maverick74


    They don't want soccer moms that spend 2 hours a day trading? Come on man, that's an untapped goldmine right there.
  8. May be investors need to show returns, and would grad anybody who can make returns?
  9. Perhaps they prefer people who steal directly from unspecting traders, right Maverick74?

    Quotes from Maverick74:
    "The specialists watched helplessly as we took their stocks down 3 pts. Mom and dad got filled on the lows and we made bank."

    "If mom and dad wanted stock, too bad, fuck you mom, I just lifted your offer, I'll sell it to you 3 pts higher".
  10. This made me laugh so hard I nearly shat.

    Thanks for the chuckles.
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