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  1. Destiny


    Hello! I’ve been trying to get information from another thread, but nobody answered my question… :( So, I need your help! I have been testing with lots of ways to get money but it seems that nothing is gonna work! I need some clear information to understand how to use forex. Someone to help me!!
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    You could pimp yourself out.
  3. You Buy Low and Sell High, hope this helps.

  4. cstfx


    Since you are looking for an honest answer, not forex is not the place to trade to make quick cash. Anyone who has been doing this successfully can attest that it has taken up to a few years to learn how this animal thinks and operates. It does not trade like stocks nor does it trade like futures.

    And like everything in life, you have to work hard at it before you can make any real money.

    So if you are looking for that sure thing, no such animal.
  5. Destiny


    Well… At the beginning I was really thinking this could be the final solution for my situation, and I thought if I find the clue, it was gonna be so easy. But now, I know this is no easy, but I still want to learn to have the result I’m expecting for. I just want to know where I can get good information. Could you recommend me some article, book or something to read? Thanks.
  6. cstfx


    start here:

    google Technical Analysis websites and become fully acquainted with the fundamentals/news events that move each pair
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    I will read from that page and try to be ready soon. I will be asking more thinks. Bye!
  8. It takes time to learn to trade. Questions here should be a small part of your attempt to learn. Spending money on books, meeting people that trade probably helps but I never knew any.
    Stop losses are part of the learning...basically years of errors and painful experiences will get you there unless you have a coach that experienced that for you .
  9. lol, he'd probably have a better chance of making some money, either way he's gonna need some KY :eek: