Nobody Will Compromise With Obamy On Gun Control

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Jan 28, 2013.

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    I wasn't done writing it moron. All you are left with are ad hominem attacks. Sad, IQ.

    So, the little MFer can't say it. That Obama has ballooned the debt from $10 T to nearly $17 T in just four short years. Admit it IQ-47. You need to start facing facts. You are such a little weasel.

    Here is another chart of data from the CBO showing how much that cock sucker Obama is spending. If you don't recognize it you are a mother fucking cock sucker, too.

    <img src=>
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  2. You usually don't go ballistic pspr, not with that much cussing and name calling. My screen only showed the text and I'd a sworn it was Phoenix posting. It was kinda amusing.
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    If people call me names, I return the favor. That's all. I'm glad it spiced up your afternoon. :D

    BTW, I also have taken you off of ignore since your posts I see seem to be at least civil these days. I'll see how it goes. :D
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  4. My day needs all the spicing up it can get, I hope this isn't the highlight of the day for me.
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  5. Where you done writing it here ?


    Sucks that its too late to edit that one huh ? Next time learn the difference between the debt and the deficit before trying to argue about it you dumb motherfucker
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  6. Yeah, me too. Only I don't think there will be any bargains for quite a while.

    Obama has effectively banned the sale of assault rifles by creating so much fear that every last one of them, every upper receiver, lower receiver, parts kit, mag of any description, etc are all out of stock.

    The closest thing I can remember to compare it to is the great cigar bubble back in the early 1990's when cigars suddenly became the male yuppie equivalent of pokemon crap, another memorable bubble. It took years for the cigar supply/demand situation to get back to normal. Hopefully it is easier to slap together M4's than grow tobacco.
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    Too bad you don't have anything to promote your point of view. All you have are a couple of word errors to hang on.

    I don't know why stupid morons like you even post on political or economic sites when you are so clueless. Do you have any facts or are you just a one chart charlie?

    You do know how really stupid you are, don't you?

    Oh, almost forgot. You little cock sucking motherfucking moron. :D
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    Cigar prices have never totally recovered. I'm still paying about twice as much for the cigars I like.

    I don't know what's going to happen to AR prices. I'm more concerned about ammo prices. I read today they are going to try and regulate lead for bullets, too. Maybe Obama will trip and break his neck or something so we can all go back to normal before it's too late. Maybe it's already too late.
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  9. It wasn't a word error your dumbass didn't know the difference between the debt and the deficit just like you didn't know what an executive order was

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    LOL Same here!
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