Nobody Will Compromise With Obamy On Gun Control

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    Bush was president for 8 years. Obama has only served 4. Obama is writing EO's at a much faster rate than Bush, you fucking moron.


    Expenditures under Bush 2008 and Obama 2009 - 2013 projectd
    Source: CBO

    2008: $2.98 trillion
    2009: $3.27 trillion
    2010: $3.46 trillion
    2011: $3.60 trillion
    2012: $3.65 trillion
    2013: $3.72 trillion

    Expenditures From Bush years to Obama years (blue line) see how they expand under Obama.
    Source: The Federal Reserve

    <img src=>

    The facts don't lie you fucking moron AK.
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    Yeah keep busting my ass, ak. LOL Like IQ-47 could bust anyone's ass. He only knows lies Arrow. :D

    Besides, IQ started the name calling. I'm just throwing his shit back in his face like he likes. Eat it up IQ.
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  3. Will do piss poor :)

    BTW,have you learned the difference between debt and deficits yet ?

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    I know more about debts and deficits than you'll ever know. Just a misnomer. But, I'm assuming you agree that we are about to climb over $17 Trillion dollar on the debt under Obama and soon to be $20 Trillion? Up from just over $10 Trillion at the end of Bush's last term.

    And, you probably agree that the problem is "spending" not "revenue." Right?
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  5. Still clueless LOL !!!

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  6. Obviously you don't.Keep making an ass out of yourself though :)
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  7. Lucrum


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    Obviously you don't want to answer my questions because you know you would be slapping your blowup Obama across the face. :D
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  9. Wow...........AK what happened? Reduced to a steaming pile of troll guana?:D
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  10. LOL !!!!!

    I see someone finally PM'd you and told you the difference between debt and deficits and you went back and changed your posts you dumb motherfucker LOL !!!!!

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