nobody will buy this last hour!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BlueStreek, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. recession coming:)
  2. comon', don't discount the power of stock trad3r!

    he is more powerful than EF Hutton!! When he talks, people don't just listen, they buy!
  3. capmac


  4. oil sells off hard over next 2 months!
  5. no suprise today, we should retest lows & get down to the 200 day before the next let up, action has been sloppy, more downside needed get under 13,000, then base for another leg up, just a guess, see what happens..
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    I was going to buy but decided not too. Will see what happens Monday morning...

    Bet everything looks great on monday morning. Like Fridays selloff never happened.
  7. Where is Stock_Turdlips, is he busy buying this dip?
  8. everyone like big ranges, its been crazy lately, the bigger the ranges, the better, keep it coming, maybe the market is changing course, got to love the moves..
  9. baby-bear market time. Next 1-2 months is consolidation with a 75% chance of downward-trend. Don't forget your umbrella....

  10. dow definately breaks 13,000 for sure in next 2 weeks, and oil breaks 70 for sure in 3 weeks time.
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