Nobody to match Bush

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  1. Let's face it, there is no real candidate to match the popularity of Bush.

    Bush cannot be blamed for the downturn in the economy. That was already set in the books by the great bubble-burst that was generated by Clinton.

    What does Bush represent? He represents an honest man that is charismatic and honest with the American people.

    Who's going to be elected in 2004? It will be George Bush of course. History has already decided. No one will even come close to challenging this true leader.

    Either you stand with us or you stand against us. There is no alternative.
  2. Well, since you put it that way:

  3. after bush gets re-elected, rudy g. will be the next pres.
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    Reminds me of the old Black Panther Party slogan, "Either you're part of the solution, or you're part of the problem." Nice black 'n white (no pun intended) views of people's allegiances.
  5. aphex,

    read this thread!

    p.s. read all posts in that thread by Pig Porky. i agree with Pig Porky.
  6. Bush is a True Brother.... he smoked out the Evil Doers and gave em justice... Bush has True Courage, unlike the Evil French Terrorist-Lover, Jack ChIRAQ...
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    From the thread that GG referenced:
  8. You dumb fuck.

    You can't trade or even find your own ass with two hands, and now you're the posterboy for the Bush administration. What a fitting parallel to your failures as a trader.

    Now you post this stupid shit about what a great guy your retarded stepchild doesn't get any more appropriate than this. Neither you nor W (or Cheney, who failed out of Yale) can do math. Halliburton hasn't turned a profit in how many years? It's like the blind leading the deaf, and you've made my point nicely.

    You are THE PERFECT cheerleader for the band of losers grinding our nation's credibility and economy into the ground.

    Have fun blowing 50% of your taxes on paying 1)deficit interest and 2)military waste.

    You'll never get it, will you? You'd rather have "the guys" think you're cool than actually use your own shit-filled head.

    He lied about everything. The WMD's aren't there -- wake the fuck up. Don't his lies -- which cost us $60+ billion -- mean more to you than Clinton's blowjob?? But you can't look past that because you're a fucking retard and we all know it all too well from your assinine posts about how to fail miserably as a trader.

    And your stupid party wasted how many millions of tax dollars on Lewinsky and "Freedom Fries"? You are such a complete and utter moron. I could draw you a map of your own ass and you STILL couldn't find it if we crazy glued your hands to it.

    Clinton paid off the deficit (yes, at the taxpayer's expense, because that's where government revenue comes from) and set a model for a financially stable economy with no more military charity and bullshit crusades, and you hate him for it?

    WAKE UP -- we all know you're a moron -- stop reminding us of it.
  9. A bit harsh (the entire post), but certainly not completely inaccurate.

    That Bush is worshipped by "20 somethings" is just amazing to me.

    Here I am in my 50's. Bushes tax cuts and policies actually work nicely for me on a personal basis. They benefit me financially in more than a couple of ways. Yet still, I think for the country on the whole, he just flat out is a disgrace. And is making a disgrace of our country along with himself.

    People hated Clinton for his abhorrent moral behavior. The religious right came up with murder and drug-running conspiracies about Clinton. (As they would have with anyone who did not pander to their cause, as Bush does).

    People hate Bush for his arrogance. Was Clinton arrogant? Yeah, he thought he could get away with having sex on the job. And lied about it. OK, he was probably not the first guy, or even the first president to do this. But did he go to war for fun and profit? No, he wasn't quite that arrogant.

    But Bush.....what American President had such blood-lust? Hell, even that SOB Johnson agonized over Vietnam. So did the slimy Nixon.

    Bush has made the Presidency into a "for profit" business. (Like he needs the money anyway).

    Here is my prediction. People will vote with their pocketbooks and by watching the debates. Next year, the voters will ask themselves if they are better off now than they were before Bush was in office. And they again will see the "deer in the headlights" brain dead Bush in debates. There will not be another Gore. No one else could possibly be capable of winning the debates, winning the popular vote, and losing the election (and his own state because of bad judgement alone). The guy had less personality than MrMarket, and less charisma than Max401. The Democrats will not let the same mistakes happen again. Now they know what they are up against. Finding a qualified and charismatic candidate can't be impossible. The only thing impossible is not to find issues with which to pound Bush into the ground. Deeply.

    Bush will NOT be re-elected. He may even lose in a landslide. Barring a miraculous economic recovery, the finding of WMDs in Iraq, the capture of Saddam, and the capture of UBL.

    So far, he is O for 4.

  10. Who hasn't lost money in the market at some stage? Do you kiss your mom with that mouth?

    Bush is doing a great job as president. If you'll remember Reagan, he was not the smartest president in our nation's history, but he definately knew what people to put on his cabinet.

    Bush does the same. He knows where he lacks in education and appoints the right people to the right positions. The executive branch is more than just the president.

    He's not afraid to take a stand for this country and sometimes do the unpopular thing. If Clinton hadn't been so preoccupied getting busy with Monica, perhaps we wouldn't have so many of these issues today.

    If you'd like to talk about the deficit, perhaps you should educate yourself about how it breaks down. A large portion of that deficit is actually different departments of the government owing other departments money. Also, take a look at the deficit level in relationship to the GDP. That's a much better way of understanding how much debt the nation is taking on compared to its "income."

    If you want to refer to Clinton, perhaps you should ask yourself why he was so busy ignoring our national security and military which eventually led to the greatest terrorist attack in global history. Bush has to deal with the many things that Clinton simply chose to ignore.

    I don't hate Clinton -- however he's not the shining prince a lot of liberals are trained to believe.
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