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  1. Why I'm so smart as a millionaire.

  2. This guy should stick to coding software. Pretty naive stuff he is sharing here. Yes, most people have been stupid throughout history. That's really not a secret. But, nobody tells me or suggests to me what and how to eat, I/my wife cook almost always for ourselves. We choose the ingredients, we have no TV for almost 20 years, we only watch occasionally Netflix at our choice of time and what to watch. We work and vacation whenever we want, we are completely independent and self reliant. I appreciate that most people are not in such fortunate position.

    But wasting time on making a video that states the obvious is kind of a bit stupid of himself.

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  3. I don't think it was a wasted effort. Look at like v dislike ratio. It's not an eye-opener type of material, yet it has value.
  4. See? That makes you the idiot. You derive your sense of value from what others tell you and what some website indicates to you. You are not a Master...

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  5. My sense of value is derived from my reaction to information that's been presented, firstly. I'm not perfect like you ;)
  6. Not true, according to your own admission you derived value of the content from this video by how others rated it. So according to others' value judgment you imparted such in yourself according to "if enough others find value in it then it must be valuable". I explained my value judgment through the content of the video itself and compared that to the experiences I lived through in my observations and knowledge of life accumulated so far. I don't care how you see me, I just wanted to point out that what you said you did is not what you have done. This is not a pissing contest but I tried to make a philosophical point and a point on the content. And I did so with trying to be a bit cynical and injecting a bit of humor. Did not arrive apparently, so, apologies it riled you up, Master. :sneaky:

  7. Fair enough. If you want to narrow it down to the above reasoning. I found his video of value irrespective of amount of likes v dislikes, I merely pointed out that many others also found the video interesting. You clearly haven't, that's OK.
  8. And yet how others valued the video was your first reasoning of why the content must be of value from your perspective. You did the same in the chart trading thread :D

    Edit: are you actually #techlead?

  9. I'm not that person and you will have to trust me on this.

    You can't make a true psychological evaluation of a person by doing what you are doing. I refuse to believe that humans are that basic. If that were to be true, then I'd say that you are an arrogant uptight person that likes to pick fights with random people online ;)
  10. And what makes you so certain that humans at large are not living lives on such basic principles? From my experience they are. That does not make me uptight or arrogant. It makes me simply live life according to what I observe, studied about history, how I was taught and how I compare reality with my judgment skills. Like supervised learning, the targets/labels are real life, the quality of the model is how well I have learned to distill humans, their actions, and interactions with others. From the trained model I make inferences about situations/people/life that the model has thus far not seen but can make solid predictions based on the accuracy and loss the trained model exhibits on unseen data.

    But at least I now better understand your optimism about defending the indefensible. Apparently you try to find the good in everyone/thing. To me the goal in life is to become a realist, not an optimist.

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