nobody talking about HSI?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gracekong, Oct 3, 2007.

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    anything happens?
  2. If I didn't know it was the Chinese market, I'd call the dailies a blow off top. but since this is the Chinese market, it's been more exception to the rule than the other way around.
  3. Compare today with how it was a month or two back though.

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  4. I started trading the HSI a little over a month ago but decided to quit trading it as my heart can't take the excitement.

    I'm glad to say I made pretty good money during that month I was trading it but days like today, I'm glad I made my decision. I probably would have given it all back and then some.
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    Slippage is huge these days. I experience 20 points slippage on a daily basis :( Ticks jump all over the place
  6. What to talk about? Great selloff it was. :D

  7. I haven't watched the HSI fts in a couple yrs. Its just MADNESS lol.

    A tick is like 40 pts! and what is up with diff between the index and fts? index - 72 now and fts - 13??

    no wonder I quite watchin the HSI.


    p.s. the fts moved like 150 pts as I wrote this post lol
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    it's all in your head.
  9. i believe index is delayed a tad, and futs are live. a tick is 50 hkd ($7 US). Big stuff.
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    HSI is the best trading instrument there is. If you made a wrong entry, just wait and the market will come back to you.
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