Nobody should Lose Money this Week

Discussion in 'Trading' started by WD40, Jul 26, 2007.

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    Fantastic trading market !
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    but for people to make money, don't other people have to lose money?
  3. Wow! That is so true. My hats off to ALL of the companies who reported this week... AMZN, BIDU, AAPL. Absolutely STELLAR performance!
  4. I thought the market was a zero sum game.. Heard alot of this cheerleading from the prop traders during the dot com era. Seems like many of those guys aren't around anymore.

  5. No.

  6. Your "thought process is flawed. The stock market is not a zero sum game and opportunities are what you make them out to be.

    WD is correct.

  7. Is it? Traders (i assume you call yourself a speculator versus an investor) deal with a market which is zero-sum. My only point was that many of the guys who daytrade don't really understand that concept. Just because you are making money.. and the people around you at your daytrading firm are.. someone else is losing money.

    Eventually, unless if you know something that 95% of daytraders couldn't figure out, you will lose it. (U aren't creating value, just providing liquidity.) The only person that is really bringing in the cash are the daytrading firms themselves. Cheers to the Bright family :)
  8. Actually, it is*. It's just that the accounting is neither immediate nor clearly obvious like the futures markets... which settle accounts daily.

    *minus the vig, of course

  9. Once again, the stock market is not a zero sum game. Futures and options, however, are indeed zero sum.


  10. You, of all people, should know better!!


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