Nobody should be homeless: Broad Group China Plans 100, 150 and 200 story Fact

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    "This is the tallest building in this county, and it's also the fastest-built," said Rong Shengli, one of the building's planners, looking over the rural sprawl from a helicopter pad on the hotel's roof. "Next we're going to build a 50-story building. Then a 100-story one, then a 150-story one. And they're all going to go up fast."

    The time-lapse video provides a glimpse of how the hotel was made. Workers in blue jumpsuits are seen assembling "main boards," the building blocks of Broad's structures -- 13-by-50-foot slabs containing ventilation shafts, water pipes, electric wiring and lighting fixtures sandwiched between ready-made floors and ceilings.

    Building this way costs 20% to 30% less than traditional methods, said Jiang Yan, a senior vice president at Broad.

    It's also safer, said Zhang Yue, chief executive of Broad Group, because factories are typically less risky environments than construction sites.
  2. I don't know if it's going to solve homelessness, but it looks like an interesting advance in construction techniques, with a number of real advantages. More power to them.