Nobody loves Animals ($70 Trillion)

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  1. Nobody likes animals. Animals are getting killed and starving to death because of $70 Trillion world economy and 1 billion useless people are eating food and occupying space. Without animals human beings will not survive. Think about it.
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    1 billion!! sounds like a Hitler or something..wait a minute! i know at least us a favor-shoot yourself and save the world,animals and my time,that i spent here,reading your nonsense :p
  3. If I shoot myself, there will be definately World War 3. Remember World War 1 and 2 was started a single bullet.
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    :p :p :p
  5. On August 08, 2008 something bad had happened to me and the same day Russia attacked Georgia. Think about it.

    Somebody tried to kill me on August 08, 2008 but I survived.
  6. Vas ist das
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    Like I said to last week you are without doubt completely mad and the most useless poster on this board.

    My advice is simple -

    1. Put down the crack pipe, and
    2. Go here for help

    PS. I actually like animals. Some of them make good pets and some of them are lovely to eat :)
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    you should read more about this conflict and who attacked who and why
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    animals in my neighborhood imo doing better than a humans.. 100% of their time they doing nothing,running around, and shitting all over the place. what a fun,useless life
  10. Think of wild dangerous animals. People think there are no wild animals in this world.
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