Nobody is Going to Beat Hillary Clinton

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  1. watched Rubio, on Meet the Press, he is stumbling along trying to remember what he was supposed to say.

    Nobody is going to beat Hillary Clinton. Eight years of her.

    And you better get use to it.
  2. If she gets to be President I am going to drink champagne in her honor partly because I know it would be the death of great many conservatives to see her in the oval office as THE queen bee.

  3. I do not agree with her on many issues, but she is a better choice than Obama. The country would have been better off with her the last two terms than the collectivist Obama. For one thing you wouldn't be hearing "that's racist" everyday non-stop, and the US wouldn't be quite the cesspool it has become.
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    I can't stand the hildabeast, but ANYONE would have and would be better than Odumbo.
  5. Seems like you've already lost all hope.Whom would you like to see representing the republicans for high office , luke ?
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    Rubio is/was never going to be the nominee on '16. The next president will not be a legislator.
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    A true conservative constitutionalist beholding to no one with the integrity and backbone needed to make hard decisions and tough choices.
  8. You're not going to see a hard right liner become president. Either nominate someone who can get independent votes and some democrat votes or lose the election, it's simple.
    As bad as Romney was he was your best shot at beating Obama, now y'all just have to find a better Romney, a little less sleazy and a lot more personable would help. That's all the help I'm going to give you guys, go Hillary.
  9. He didn't say a "hard right-liner", he said a constitutional adherent. Once again you people are letting the media do your thinking for you. Media says: constitution = bad. I do think Bill and Hillary have "some" respect for the Constitution left. Most Democrats now ignore it. Obama and the Constitution?
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    you just described Christie.
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