Noboby knows what will happen...

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  1. In the midst of these huge news events, with politicians and economists telling us what "will happen" if the bill passes or not, or what "won't happen", I remember a great trader I know once telling me it just doesnt matter...because nobody knows.

    This, for your trading, is either the scariest notion of truth or the idea that provides the most opportunity.

    Remember, as a trader, your job is to trade of the last traded price, and not to try to predict what news events will guide price movements. In these financially turbulent times, obeying that kind of thinking can keep you out of trouble and, when you are consistent enough, lead you to some incredible money making opportunities.

    The most uncertain times also provide the most opportunity. The only truth is that nobody can predict what will or will not happen or how much this bailout issue will affect future prices.

    If you protect your risk diligently, than you will be able to take advantage of these volatile times in a positive way.

    Don't fight the price movement if it's not what you anticipated. These markets are likely to move quickly in either direction so be prepared to take advantage of this opportunity.
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    you are wrong

    someone does know, but not only is it stupid to lose your position but also insider trading is illegal

    someone does know,

    they are called