Noble trading: what are your comments?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Nana Trader, May 13, 2003.

  1. Reasons that i consider them are:

    1- Many differnet platform to select including e-signal, realtick,...
    with above 100 trades/month
    2-Price share of 1.2 cent incuding island Ecn free.
    3- Offers stocks, options and said to have futures also(but can,t see pricing for future on their website.
    4- Claims that their customer services is best ( Their Rep. called
    me in Asia several time, he was not very nowledageable,
    but very friendly and supportive. They have live chat support also.
    5- clearing firms: computer clearing and pension financial. But you
    wire your money to computer clearing.

    Reasons that i do not consider them:
    1- Don,t have bullets and future trading ( not sure) .
    2- IB still much better ( But i were not able to open account
    with them for the reason, some legal documnet that they wanted i could not provide from my government).
    3-Do not now about excution speed and their server reliability.
    4-If pointdirex, choice trade with lower fee at .05-.08cent per
    share (Island ecn fee included) are better choices?
    5-How stable and secure is this firm and my money safety?

    Please share your opinion if also you had any bad experiance with this fim?
  2. I have not received any comment so far. I appreciate
    you do.:)
  3. gazza1


    I was with them for quite a while but left because there are cheaper deals out there.

    To try and answer some of your questions -

    check on the ECN Fees as when I was there that was in addition - may have changed since I left

    I know they were looking to do futures but I don't believe that was implemented when I was there

    As far as customer service I could always get them on the phone when I needed them immediately. They were always willing to help - sometimes the execution wasn't great but they would eventually follow thru. On the whole customer service was pretty good in my experience.

    I don't remember problems with order execution or server reliability .

    As far as their financial standing is concerned you need to do your research on that - I did mine and felt comfortable but you should not rely on me.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks Gazza1, for information you provided

    They offer Future trading trough J-trader, (Demo at Rapidfutures
    .com can be found) and 3USD per side per contract.

    They told me if i do volume, they willing to give me 1.00 cent per
    share incluing Island Ecn free. But the only downside is they have 4 dollor minimum for sheild software. But they told me that
    they can do better in this regard if i open account with them today.

    I am impressed with sheild platform compare to MBT navigator
    from MBTrading, it is much more advance especialy charting and order enery configrations with all type of orders available even on Island which they can give me free.

    Can i PM you regarding offers and pricing that you were getting from them.thanks