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  1. Has any one heard of this company or Drakoln? Obviously, they are selling a lot of books and seminars (which usually means 'run away'), but what they claim to offer on trading fx or futures is looking really competitive.

    Site says 'Our forex accounts are cleared through ODL Securities, Inc. which does business as A.B. WATLEY CAPITAL MARKETS.'

    Anyone with comments or experience, please chime in

    I just stumbled across their site when I was looking for a new book about the forex markets (his book was not what I was looking for, looks very simple and mass-marketed)
  2. MGJ


    Check out the reviews on, of books written by Noble DraKoln.

    Also check out the reviews that he himself writes under the nom-de-plume SuperTrader

    Yes it is really Noble DraKoln, as he admits in his review of "Rain Making" (4th book at the above link).
    I am the author of the book Futures For Small Speculators and Single Stock Futures For Small Speculators as well as the president of

    He's quite the cheerleader for all books by all authors, lavishing 5 star reviews every which way, even on obvious turds. Let the reader beware.
  3. yeah, mjg
    i noticed the reviews by 'super trader', it was really entertaining... many seem like strategic endorsements to me! plus, the super-positive review of his own book (and then, as you noted he later admits his real identity, which was really smooth) lol

    i'm not really holding it against him though. i was actually impressed by his interest in history and the meaningful explanation by the naming of his trading firm.

    I am really more interested in anyone with experience of any kind with his brokerage or trading firm -