Nobel price economics awarded monday, who should get it?

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  1. Thanks for your input. :)
  2. Cramer
  3. Obama or Bernanke will get it
  4. JamesL


    Obama, to go with his other one
  5. Not Bernanke, we need people of color. 2nd choice Rangel (damn good job as chairman of IRS.
  6. I think a farmer deserves Nobel
  7. pspr


    I would like to nominate myself for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Although I am still at war with my mother-in-law, I no longer hate every University of Colorado football supporter. Even though most of them deserve my hatred.

    In spite of my feverent conservative leanings, many of my personal friends are very liberal Democrats. I like to think of these friends as my children who are either still in need of learning or mentally challenged.

    In fact, I have NEVER killed a Democrat or even wounded one because of his or her illogical beliefs that are affecting me and destroying my country. That fact alone should earn me the prize.

    I have never threatened the President of the United States nor a member of the U.S. House or Senate. Besides paying tens of thousands of dollars every year in taxes and seeing my representatives and others collect some of that money for doing nothing I have remained mostly silent and respectful, so far.

    When my former neighbor allowed their home to go into foreclosure and be put on the market just as I was selling mine (cost us about $18,000 in reduced value) I remained friendly to this neighbor. Although, it did help that my wife's employer picked up the reduction in value for us other wise I might have gone ballistic if it came out of my pocket.

    So, I think I deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for my remarkable restraint from violence.

    :D :D :D :D
  8. I nominate Bill Rennick Esq. !!!

    I remember his story how he could have single-handedly averted 1987 disaster had it not been for the police who forced him to watch the crash from a nearby pub.
  9. Greenspan , the Father of the Financial Crisis, he totally got off without any blame, very smart guy.
  10. rew


    The Nobel Prize for Economics should go to Ron Paul, who predicted the mortgage crisis back in 2003. Of course nobody in Washington, D.C. or in the media paid any attention. After all, anybody who believes that the federal government should be restricted to do only what the Constitution allows it to do, and is against military imperialism, and is against endless deficits, and believes we could do just fine without the Federal Reserve, must be a total nut case. So who'd listen to him?
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