nobdoy mentioned this about CRAMER

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  1. he was on cnbc before the open friday talking about the fed cutting the discount rate and he sais the down will definitely see 15k by years end and that friday will be the biggest point gain in history. he was obviously very wrong about friday being the biggest one day point gain in history and i'm pretty sure the dow will not hit 15k by years end.
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  3. he should be cancelled

    I am going to create a petition to cancel cramer cause he needs to go
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    Honestly, YOU need to go!
  5. SURDO THE TURDO won't be able to continue his losing streak without Cramer . Hahahahahaahahahhahaha--loser!!

    rotflmao1 has SPOKEN!!!
  6. Lets all work to gether to get cramer off the air. Cramer is so annoying. Kudlow and company is much better. After cramer goes we should get fast money cancelled next since it is almost as bad as mad Money.
  7. FAST MONEY is worse than Mad Money.
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    Are You crazy??

    I will defend Cramer all the way!!!

    Cramer should stay on forever

    I need those booyah fools!!!

    They make me money$$$$$

    Cramer = the best contrarian indicator ever invented
  9. Cramer... I recall reading about how his performance was actually from (1) a form of "front running", where he agreed to pay higher-than-normal commissions to brokerage firms so that he could get tipped of their analysts' recommendations before they were made public, and (2) the trading skills of his wife.

    To whatever degree that is true, he's just a loud-mouthed charlatan.

    My only personal experience with him is some email correspondence where I ended by suggesting that he's "one big jerk". He ended by suggesting, I "take a pill". :D
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