NObama Wants Unions To Be "Part of the Solution", not "Part of the Problem"

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  1. Since when have unions ever been other than legalized extortion?
  2. I don't mind unions. What I mind is the laws written to force people who don't want to be in the union to be forced to pay dues and accept "representation" by them. It's the law that allows unions to be be thugs to the detriment of labour.
  3. Gee I dunno, maybe back in the day when psycopath factory & mine owners used up workers as if they were disposable rags? Or back when industrialists used to hire private armies to shoot down workers with rifles if they were pulling a strike as a means of protest.

    A union is nothing more than workers organizing. The problem is the government getting into it, as well as the mafia.
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    Anyone else read "unions" as unicorns and still think it made sense?
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    We're not "back in the day" any more.
    This is the 21st century.
    I have NO problem with organized labor.
    It's there abuses and excessive demands that render companies uncompetitive that I don't like.
    Hussein and company are doing nothing here but pandering to their base. As in bribes for votes. As in business (corruption) as usual.
  6. Unfortunately, that happened pretty early on in the history of unions
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    Oh 75 years or so maybe?
  8. I don't mind that either. If a company is dumb enough to let a union kill it, then it deserves to die. I mind the laws that allow unions to force workers who don't want to be in the union under its control and those that prevent businesses from hiring non-union labour. Without those laws written by the mafiosos on Capital Hill, unions would have to compete for membership like any other business competes for customers and make it much harder to suck companies dry.

    Exactly. Unfortunately, very large unions have bought enough congressmen that even if they kill the company their members work for (like the Big Three), the union can still use congress to rob taxpayers to pay it's members. They're just as criminal as the CEOs of Enron and WorldCom.
  9. The Administration wants to promote unions to raise the earnings of the middle class. That will raise labor costs and make American made products non-competitive with foreign makers..... resulting in NOBODY in a union having a job.

    Unions served to provide artificially high wages in the USA in times past... when there was no competition. Now that the Asian cheap labor genie has been let out of the bottle, there's no putting it back.

    Unions are a bad idea for this time... should be a dead idea, too.
  10. Obama is an idiot. He is so far over his head its pathetic.
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