NObama Not ELIGIBLE To Be POTUS.. will he be thrown out of office after election?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by gnome, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. The argument is that Hussein NObama is not a "natural born US citizen" and is thereby prohibited from being POTUS... (just like "The Govern-ator").

    There IS documentation, however, that he (and/or his father) declared him to be of Indonesian citizenship and of Muslim faith.

    NObama not providing requested documentation... stalling until after the election??

    Is NObama just another BIG FAT LIAR?
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    its seems that its better you have a POTUS that comes from outside USA looking at the desaster comming from natural US borns..

  3. This not a laughing matter. If true, it's a gigantic FRAUD perpetrated on the American public by NObama and the DNC.
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    you mean like the election of BUSH ASS was a gigant fraud? so it doesnt are used to it

  5. Yeah, well... at least Bush was ELIGIBLE to be "POTUS by fraud"..
  6. uh, your "evidence" is a dead blogger link?

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! come on gnome. fix your blog page and resubmit that link. HAHAHAHAHA!
  7. I just refreshed it. Now appears to work.
  8. Old news already debunked. handled this and many other things regarding BOTH candidates - it's actually a pretty good site:
  9. Not debunked. Also part of the story is that his US citizenship was [may have been] given up to become Indonesian citizen... to regain US citizenship he'd have to apply to become a "naturalIZED" citizen... and ineligible for POTUS.

    I'm not making an argument here. Just bring the story to light of ET'ers.

    PS Though not a Hussein NObama fan, I find the DemoCraps and RepubliClowns equally repugnant.
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